Norwegian Buhund Club of America

National Specailty 2017 - Hotel
On: 2/16/2017

Hotel info for 2017 National Specialty.
Rate per night without tax is $78; set up so individuals call to make reservation using whatever code we decide on. 208-344-3521
(Our contact is Natasha
$25 pet fee/stay for 3 or less dogs. After 3 dogs it is $25/dog.
Oct 11 - 15; 15 rooms reserved on Marti Kincaid card
Hot breakfast
free airport transport
There is a rental car agency close by.Several restaurants in walking distance
About 10 minutes from Fairgrounds and 10 minutes to downtown. About 25 minutes to airport during traffic.
conference room seats 50. Has a screen but no other AV equipment.
Rooms are ground floor with outside access.
Walking trail along river (you can walk to the fairgrounds or downtown if you like!)
24 hour emergency vet is 5 minutes away.

Buhund Rescue: 33 Buhunds In Need Of A Home

On: 6/15/2016

NBCA is responding to a dog hoarding situation in St. Clair, MI. We have rescued more than 40 dogs from a woman who was keeping about 80 dogs in her home. We are currently evaluating each dog and will be working to address their medical and training needs. It appears that most dogs are physically healthy but many are shy, skittish, and undernourished. The goal is to place each dog into a safe, loving home. 

We are thankful for the tremendous community of dog lovers around the world who are coming together to help. Volunteers have started arriving at the rescue site to help us intake the dogs. A training group has been hired at a steep discount to support the intake and training work. Dog rescue groups and breed clubs are reaching out with offers of help. Donations are coming in from Ireland, the U.K., Scotland, and more. 

Together we are going to get through this and save these sweet pups. Will you help?

To apply to foster or adopt, email  For adoptions please fill out the Adoption Application

To donate, go to  When Donating please be sure to select "Gift"

For news, photos and updates, visit 

With a grateful heart,

Faye Adcox

BHA November Barn Hunt at National Specialty

On: 10/21/2015

2016 Specialty
On: 3/10/2015

2016 Specialty

Mark your  calendar

Salisbury, MD - Nov 9- 13

This coming year we are going to have 2 supported entries and the specialty in the same weekend - Along with tons of other activities - an agility B-match or clinic and a barn hunt -

Our judge is coming from across the pond - Millie Lambert








Health Survey
On: 1/30/2015

Here is the link to the Buhund health Survey - please go to it and fill it out if you have not done so - Thank you

On: 10/27/2014

Congratulations to the 2015 Versatile Award winners

VNB-bronze: Ben Daniels and GCH Port Gamble Fjord's Anders Ht
VNB-Silver: Valina Dawson and Ch Zodiac's Nobel Axel RN, BN, CGCA
VNB: Valina Dawson and Ch Zodiac's Bindy Bu CGCA RN
VNB: Mona Aasmul and Trollheimen Wisdom of the World
VNB: Bronze: Mike Woodson and Caredig Naughty Nisse

Congratulations to the 1st 9 Norwegian Buhunds to achieve the Versatile Buhund titles

VNB - Trollheimen Beyla at Fabrajs (owner: Faye Adcox)                                               VNB-S (silver)

Zodiac's Nobel Axel (owner: Valina and Ted Dawson)                                                        Norskwyand's Comet Absolutt (Owner: Brenda Lund &Helen Boeck)

                                                                                                                                          Randalyn Spring Jada (owners: Cathy Mazzotta & Ellen Yacknin)

VNB-B (bronze)                                                 

Trollhiemen Moca Cappuccino (Owners: Cathy Mazzotta and Ellen Yacknin)                   VNB-G (gold)

Trollhiemen's Norse Ari (Owner: Donna Manders)                                                             Jorund Kinzi (owner: Jasmine Tata and Semeer Prasad)

Zodiac's Orion Rising (Owner: Jasmine Tata)                                                                    Vision's Darby of Trollheimen (Owner: Gayle Garbush & David Pater)


The Versatility titles/award are awarded in recongnition of accomplishments of Buhunds in a wide range of activities such as conformation, rally, weight pulling, herding, therapy work, lure coursing and tracking in which certification and titles are earned

Barn Hunt Documents
On: 9/9/2014

Introduction to Rats and Tubes: NBCA_Introduction_to_Rats_and_Tubes

BHA/NBCA Barn Hunt Test: barnhunt_test_Oct2014_premium

On: 7/27/2013