Buhund Rescue: 33 Buhunds In Need Of A Home

NBCA is responding to a dog hoarding situation in St. Clair, MI. We have rescued more than 40 dogs from a woman who was keeping about 80 dogs in her home. We are currently evaluating each dog and will be working to address their medical and training needs. It appears that most dogs are physically healthy but many are shy, skittish, and undernourished. The goal is to place each dog into a safe, loving home. 

We are thankful for the tremendous community of dog lovers around the world who are coming together to help. Volunteers have started arriving at the rescue site to help us intake the dogs. A training group has been hired at a steep discount to support the intake and training work. Dog rescue groups and breed clubs are reaching out with offers of help. Donations are coming in from Ireland, the U.K., Scotland, and more. 

Together we are going to get through this and save these sweet pups. Will you help?

To apply to foster or adopt, email corgpinmom@aol.com.  For adoptions please fill out the Adoption Application

To donate, go to https://www.paypal.me/BuhundRescue.  When Donating please be sure to select "Gift"

For news, photos and updates, visit https://www.facebook.com/norwegianbuhundclubofamerica.com 

With a grateful heart,

Faye Adcox