2020 National Specialty Cancelled


I am sad to announce that  the 2020 National will be canceled - Great Falls has canceled the show, Our judge can not travel as there is a travel ban for all non essential travel in Norway until the end of August.  The board also feels as much as we all want to show that it would be better  to consider the health and safety of our members.   

We are going to keep the 2020 plans for 2021 - that way the west does not miss out on the rotation.  Otherwise we would not return to the west for 4 years. The reason the rotation was set up to move across the country  and to different states is so that it would be fair for all members.  

Please Everyone stay safe - this virus is serious -  I know, we are waiting right now to hear if one of my sons and his girlfriend are positive for it - and I personally as a mom am terrified - he has asthma and this could be life threatening to him.   

I know we all want to get out and show - I miss it as much as anyone else - but we need to cautious,  Think of others - not of yourself.  



2020(Now 2021) Specialty

This will be our 10th AKC Specialty!

 Great Falls, MT - 2021  Big Sky Cluster

The Great Falls clubs are willing to help us with expenses on bringing the judge here from Norway - They will use her to judge other breeds that weekend.

We will have a concurrent specialty - along with the all breed show.  This means you can enter the all breed show which will be a supported entry on that Saturday and then also enter the specialty - which will happen that evening.  Sunday will also be a supported entry. 

Judge for the specialty is from Norway  Anne Buvik

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