The history of the NBCA


The Norwegian Buhund Club of America was formed in 1983 by Aud-Marie Ferstad Maroni, the president, as a Specialty Club devoted to protecting the interests of the Norwegian Buhund. Her officers were Dr. J.J. Henry, Vice-President and Dr. Sarita Rainey, Secretary.

Mrs. Maroni returned to Norway to live in 1989 and asked Mrs. Jan Barringer to replace her as President to keep the club going. Mrs. Barringer sent questionnaires to U.S. Buhund owners and encouraged active membership. The NBCA offered organized Buhund activities, including the first annual NBCA Specialty in June of 1990 in Roanoke, VA. Four newsletters per year have been sent to current paid members since 1989.

Through the efforts of a small, but dedicated corps of Buhund owners and breeders, the NBCA continued to organize itself as a breed club. The Club's registry was accepted into the AKC's Foundation Stock Service on June 7, 1996.

In January 2006, the Norwegian Buhund was accepted into the AKC's Miscellaneous Class, and the Norwegian Buhund Club of America was accepted as the Parent Club.

In January 2009, the Norwegian Buhund achieved full AKC recognition and is now part of the Herding Group. In January 2010, the NBCA received full licensure from the AKC to hold AKC shows, and was confirmed in its capacity as the AKC Parent Club.

Twenty-six years have gone by. The NBCA put on 19 National Specialties as a non-AKC club and will hold its first AKC sanctioned Specialty in November, 2010. The NBCA has continuously distributed issues of the NBCA Quarterly. We continue to be devoted to the protection of the Norwegian Buhund. We promote responsible breeding practices and proper care and training.

We encourage our members and all Buhund owners to train their dogs for show, obedience, agility and other AKC events, as well as for herding and therapy use. Norwegian Buhunds can be found in all activities, from tracking and flyball to the conformation ring, as well as in full working mode as assistance dogs for the hearing impaired.

Janet and Bob Barringer with Hilde

Janet and Bob Barringer with Hilde