Is the Norwegian Buhund the right dog for you?


Full of character and highly intelligent, the Buhund is an excellent family pet. The Buhund is a real "people dog," that enjoys any activity with the family. It is very affectionate and naturally gentle. The Buhund has an even and cheery temperament and is eager to please. These dogs are easy to train to obedience, but they are independent thinkers and will become bored with repetition. They need a job to do or they will make up their own games and puzzles to solve. This self-appointed watch-dog is also content and pleased lying at your feet at the end of the day.

Buhunds are a vocal dog. Their strong and intense bark travels far distances and is used to communicate. While herding, their high-pitched bark carries through the mountains alerting the shepherd and other dogs to their position. In general, a Buhund will not bark senselessly, but they can find a lot to bark about. A Buhund will bark to alert if an object is in motion; this can include people, cars and birds as well as sheep.

The breed is motivated to work and eager to please, which makes initial training easy. However, they are sensitive and positive training techniques, such as clicker training and food baiting work well with this breed. The Buhund is a dog bred to work for hours at a time. He is very energetic and playful and requires physical exercise. These dogs love to run, play Frisbee, retrieve balls or go for long hikes. They enjoy dog sports like agility and Rally.

The Buhund has a medium to short easy-care coat that does not matt nor tangle when it sheds. The outer coat is thick, rich, hard and smooth lying. The undercoat is soft, dense and wooly. Like other double-coated dogs, the Buhund sheds the undercoat one to two times per year, and sheds minimally year round.

Before looking for a Buhund puppy, you should talk with as many Buhund owners and breeders as possible. Be prepared to ask and answer questions.

Do you have the time and energy to train, play with and exercise your Buhund?

Do you have an enclosed area outside to play or an accessible exercise area?

Do you have the financial resources to maintain your dog's health and well-being?

Can you commit to the care of a dog for many years?

Can you live with the breed traits described in this section?

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The Buhund is a great, versatile breed, but not suited for every family.  Contact some breeders on this site to get more information and maybe arrange for a visit to see a Norwegian Buhund in person before making your final decision.  

Should I Breed?


The AKC has some good information for those considering breeding.  

Please visit their page below.