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Frequently Asked Questions

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The wolf sable color is allowed in the some countries. Is it allowed in the USA?

The NBCA's Breed Standard is based on the FCI Breed Standard used in Norway, the Buhund's country of origin. Our standard lists wheaton, any shade from light cream to dark orange including wheaton with black tipped hair, and Black as the accepted colors. Wolf sable is not listed as an accepted color, and is therefore not accepted.

So what is the difference between wheaton with black tipped hair and wolf sable color?

A wheaton with black tipped hair should have a clear wheaton color under the black tipping so that the impression when you see the dog is that it is cream, gold or orange with discernable black tips. The black tipping should not mar the appearance of a wheaton dog. If the dog appears grey or muddy in color, this is wolf sable. If the dog gives the impression of an Elkhound color, you are looking at a wolf sable. Some wolf sable Buhunds have distinct color patterns with harness markings and a reverse mask (mask that is wheaton with black or grey outlining), and others have a less defined over all greyish cast.

Please note: A black mask is permissible on the wheaton color.

Table, Ground, or Ramp?
Are Buhunds judged on the ground or on the table?

The Buhund is judged on the ground.

In late 2012, the NBCA requested that the Norwegian Buhund be placed on the "Ramp Optional" list. This means that the Buhund may, at the judge's discretion, be judged on a ramp. The ramp is generally very similar to the "box" used by show photographers, but with an incline for the dog to walk up.

Ramp-Optional status for the Norwegian Buhund will begin in May, 2013.