Code of Ethics


All NBCA members in good standing: 

  1. Shall abide by the principles of good sportsmanship in a manner that will reflect positively on members and activities of the Norwegian Buhund Club of America.
  2. Shall attempt to aid and befriend any novice owner, exhibitor, or breeder.
  3. Shall maintain the best possible standard of health, cleanliness, safety and care of their Norwegian Buhund.
  4. Shall consider breeding a litter only if the breeder is prepared to keep the resultant offspring for as long as it takes to suitably place each puppy.
  5. Shall not release Norwegian Buhund puppies, litters, or adults to pet dealers, commercial retailers or distributors or to any party for the purpose of resale, auction, lottery or raffle prize.
  6. Shall ensure that the prime objective of breeding the Norwegian Buhund is to produce animals of exceptional quality.  To that end, only dogs and bitches of sound temperament and structure, including the bite, and characteristic type as described in the American Kennel Club's (AKC) approved Official Standard for the Norwegian Buhund, shall be bred.
  7.  Shall ensure that bitches and dogs to be bred are in good health and have no known hereditary defects.  Eyes and hips must be checked by accredited veterinarians and declared to be within acceptable limits.  OFA hip rankings must be Fair or above; PennHIP DI should be no greater than 0.6, subject to change as more Norwegian Buhunds are included in the PennHIP database and must have the OFA hip/PennHIP certificate and number.; FCI rankings must be A or B.   OFA eye exam must be done within 12 months of the breeding with the number listed on the OFA Eye Certification Registry (OFA-ECR/CERF).

    In the event that a breeding animal is eight (8) years of age or above, current OFA-ECR/CERF number is not required, as long as the animal has an OFA-ECR/CERF number during its seventh (7th) year.  Bitches over six (6) years of age must have a veterinarian's certificate of health before breeding. 
  8. Dogs and Bitches must be 2 years of age or older at breeding.
  9. In addition, members should make an effort to submit all health tests performed to the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) for inclusion in their database. 
  10. Shall be informed of and work toward the elimination of hereditary health problems and shall not breed animals that have produced puppies with hereditary or health defects from two (total) breedings to two different animals. 
  11. Shall disclose known potential genetic issues.
  12. Shall be responsible for submitting required health information to the approved contact for inclusion on the NBCA's approved breeder or litter listings.
  13.  Shall be willing to re-home and financially provide for the progeny of any Norwegian Buhunds they breed for the life of each animal. 
  14. Shall be responsible equally for the resultant puppies whether they own the bitch or the stud.

Reviewed by the membership, and approved by the NBCA Board of Directors 11/26/2009

Revisions approved 12/10/12 by the NBCA Board of Directors